Getting physical

Yesterday I returned to my exercise routine after a brief hiatus when my energy went a.w.o.l. More mindful, now, of the inner workout. I always know when I'm on target: my routine slows down and becomes effortless. Getting more out of less. Perhaps I can pare it down indefinitely, until just the activities of everyday life suffice for effective mind-body self-maintenance. I suspect that's the way we're supposed to have turned out. Granted, I’m not chasing antelope through the bush with a blowgun for my daily bread. But the fallout of some ancient catastrophe still seeds the thorns that impede us all.

So for now, since I'm helplessly fond of food and futon, it’s push-ups, crunches, and detestable squats to offset my personal Koyaanitsqatsi. The truth is, I enjoy sensing my location and specific gravity (and the fitness that thwarts it) in the physical realm. And trying to stay, if not 25, at least human-shaped for as long as I can.