Poor Butterfly

My friends Walter and Joseph, who "adopted" me in my late teens and became something of a surrogate family, and about whom I will some day write, left me with a cache of memories and lasting treasures of all kinds, both virtual and tangible.

One of those is a handful of record albums, some of which I have begun digitizing. I'll post selections from some of them from time to time. The first from what I'll call the Salem Village Collection (that's where they, we, lived) features "the original piano artistry" of Jonathan Edwards with vocals by Darlene Edwards.

"It takes great skill to go wrong that carefully..." Walter said of the "Edwards'" work. This was back in the smoky and freewheeling late sixties, there was always a handful of artsy hedonists hanging around, and we'd do anything for a laugh. Once we dyed Barney, the sheep, plaid (we had to finally tether him out back when passing motorists started driving into the ditch). We made 8mm underground movie versions of TV shows. Once in a while we'd break out the Jonathan Edwards. The track here is his take on Poor Butterfly. Is it ever.

And here's the sound of the other shoe dropping: